River Cruises in Portugal

Offering both historical beauty and stunning scenery, our Portugal river cruises have something for everybody. From the mountainous Northern Coast to the historic cities of Lisbon and Porto, its fascinating and contrasting landscapes are dotted with fragrant olive trees and picturesque vineyards as far as the eye can see.  

Take a relaxing voyage along the remarkable River of Gold and explore everything this country has to offer from the comfort of our scenic Portugal cruises. A historic and traditional capital city, Lisbon is populated with iconic landmarks that tell of fascinating and varied history, all of which make it an essential stop on our Portugal river tours.

Out in the countryside along the peaceful stretches of the Douro river, you’ll find legendary vineyards, romantic castles, and walled villages nestled among the hillsides, along with no end of local eateries and cultural treasures to enjoy along the way.

Traditional Portuguese cuisine is simple and delicious yet flavourful and vibrant and as the country boasts over 500 miles of coastline, it is no surprise that seafood steals the spotlight here. Dinners are a long and leisurely affair and fish tacos and fresh clams go down a treat when paired with a glass of fine Portuguese wine.

Today, Portugal is a peaceful country that celebrates its place in history and offers a lot for tourists who stop off while exploring some of the lively towns such as Porto, Fatima, Coimbra, and Lagos. Architecture lovers and history buffs alike will adore the forgotten towns and villages of the Douro Valley. Portugal is a rich tapestry of cultural delights that are just waiting to be explored and our scenic Portuguese river cruises are the perfect way to make everlasting memories with family and friends.



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Cathedrals, Porto
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