Our Fleet of Five-Star Ships

Experience life on board for yourself with our 360° Virtual Tours of the five-star MS Thomas Hardy and the MS Jane Austen


Wake up to a different view every morning from the comfort of your luxurious suite. What wondrous sights await you when you step out on to your private balcony? Will it be dramatic terraced vineyards, gentle rolling countryside or astounding fairy-tale castles? Although it may seem like a dream, it’s not – you’re on a Riviera Travel river cruise, carefully choreographed to ensure your journey will always be a memorable one.

All our ships are exclusively chartered by us and every detail is fastidiously inspected by our travel specialists before a friendly cabin crew welcomes you on board, ready to tend to your every need. As your floating boutique hotel gracefully wends between towns and cities, you can relax in the privacy of your spacious suite, unwind on deck with a refreshing drink, or enjoy fine dining in the ship’s superb restaurants. What better way is there to discover awe-inspiring landscapes than on some of the most spectacular vessels to grace Europe’s waterways?

Our Fleet of Five-Star Ships Video